Black 14 Inch Single Wheel Electric Bike Bluetooth LED For Walking


Black 14 Inch Single Wheel Electric Bike Bluetooth LED For Walking

14 inch self balance electric unicycle is a substitute tool for walking, which uses gyroscope to control balance intelligently. It can go forward or backward with rider’s gravity center moving. The minimus turning radius can be zero, which means that it can be operated in a narrow space and reaches almost every possible place.


You can feel very comfortable and fresh when you driving 14 inch self balance electric unicycle . When you hold still, pull forward or move backward. smart balance board scooter original manufacturer board can feel your posture. You can really feel nature, safe, free and fashionable.


Self Balancing Unicycle Specifications:

Model # G19-15T
Material PC+ABS
Color Orang,White,Black
max speed 18km/h
Max mileage 15-18km
Max load 120kg
Max climbing angle 35°
Battery capacity 132wh lithium battery
Battery lifetime About 1000 charge cycles
Suitable temperature -10℃— +40℃
Charger voltage AC100-265V 50-60HZ
Charge time 2h
Motor power 350W
Motor type brushless motor
Pedal Aviation aluminum alloy
Tyre size 14′ Φ360mm
Pedal distance from ground 112mm


Self Balancing Unicycle Description:

The product design is fashion specially for common walking person.

It is compact size and convenient as a private mini car, You can take it to the office, classroom, restaurants, buses and metros or subways.

A built-in carrying handle makes it convenient to quickly pick up when you get to the stairs.

By foot pedal folded, it does not take up more space than a briefcase, when you put it in your car or hom.

Use this product to replace the car for a short distance. This reduced the cost of gas, pollution, and traffic.

Passengers can travel to us short commutes


This self-balancing electric unicycle scooter was designed and originated in China.

The unicycle intelligent system balances you automatically.

The on-board gyroscopes and inertial monitoring make corrections to the motor speed

and power hundreds of times per second.

it is the latest high-tech means of transport adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithm,

and gyroscope system to achieve balance by forward and backward leaning.

Users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake or others,

by inclining forward or leaning backwards.

The left and right balance is similar to the technique of riding a bicycle –

achieved through slightly slanting left or right.

Airwheel features as a green product that can be easily carried around on bus or subway,

making it a helpful tool in commuting.


It is light and small enough to put in your backpack, it is easy to ride, it is your life partner.

You may just need one hour to learn how to control and ride it, one day to fall in love with it,

enjoying your wheel!


Riding it through square and mall, breezing around street and metro, catching people’s eyes and jealous,

how fantabulous thing can you image in your life! No hesitating, what are you waiting for??


Product Applications of sologear one wheel electric scooter

For Individual

For Busines

For Patrolling

For Tourism

For Robotics

For City road most of places(Shopping malls, parks,metro, plaza)