Standing 2 Wheels Electric Scooter Board


Standing 2 Wheels Electric Scooter Board , self balance electric scooter




  • This 2 Wheel Electric Scooter have weight limitation, max load is 100KG.For guarantee the safety of the operator and decrease the damage of overloaded.
  • When you need to swerve, slow it down and move you foot forwards or backwards then the center of gravity of the body moves left or right .
  • The Max Speed is 10KM/H, when the operator exceeds the max speed ,the scooter will give out alarm sound.
  • The Status of the electric scooter is controlled by the center-of gravity.And it is adjusted by motor which is controlled by servo control system.
  • This 2 Wheels Electric Scooter is equipped with a remote control,and the distance is about 5 meters.It can be controlled within the distance range.


How to use


  • First ,Press the power switch to turn on self balancing electric scooter.
  • Step on one foot trigger the foot-switch, the system will come into self balancing condition ,Then step on the other foot to operate it .
  • Take control of the scooter forwards or backwards, do remember magnitude of you body shouldn’t be violently.
  • Control the left and right direction of the scooter.
  • Get Off.Before you get off,make sure that the scooter is still,then step off one foot,finally the other foot




You could play this self Balancing Electric Scooter at Indoor or Outside Smooth surface.

For Kids

For Adult


Note Part :


  • The 2 Wheel Balance Scooter Max load is 100KG,Overloaded you may fell down.
  • If the balance scooter donesn’t at balancing condition when you trigger the foot-swith,the buzzer will alarm,and the warning LED will light,the system connot come into self-balancing condition.At this monent you shouldn’t operate.
  • 2 Wheel Balance Scooter can only load one person, cannot load two people or more than two people.


Protect function


  • Tire stall,two seconds later the electric scooter enters power off mode.
  • The platform go forwards or backwards more than 35 degress,the electric scooter will directly into the stop mode.
  • Continuing large current discharge(such as a long-time climbing a very steep slope),15 seconds later the electric scooter enters power off mode.
  • The battery voltage is lower than the protection value,15 seconds later the electric scooter enters power off mode.




Product Name 2 Wheel Electric Scooter
Product Measurement L54.8*W18.6*H17.8cm
Packing Size L65*W24.5*H23cm
N.W 10KG
G.W 12KG
Max Load 100KG
Tire 17cm
Range Per Charge 15-20KM
Climbing Capacity 15°
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Charge Time 2-3 Hours
Charge Voltage 100-240V 50-60HZ
Chassis Height 3cm
Pedal Height 11cm
Tire Mode Free Inflatable Hollow Tire
Radius Of Turning Circle
Initial Volume 4.4AH
Charging Temperature 0°~ 40°
Waterproof IP54