adjustable speed Gyroscopic Off Road Segway personal transporter


40KM long distance per charge Golf Course Off Road Segway Transporter For wild Park and out door


As a heavy weight segway product, D3A Off road scooter which is segways x2 type for sale has a luxury shape and is equiped with advanced technology,which is two wheels personal electric transportation scooter for short distance travel, Golf,Police.The bigger cushion tire ensures to keep the shock rate at the lowest level. And the improved dynamic balance system guarantees excellent performance.
The police patrol car and the golf cart are derived from the D3A

Color: White,Yellow,Red,Blue,Black


1. Speed of 18km / h, the speed can be adjusted freely with their own bodies. 4 hours after each charge can, filled with a battery can run for about 3 hours, about 30Km,Balancing vehicle for low-speed vehicles, with all similar products same, programs speed up to 6 meters per second.
2. Balanced cars have the speed limit, the speed limit or less are safe, the speed limit is reached when the body is automatically looked up to the speed limit, this time not to force illegal acceleration.
3. LCD Screen for remaining battery
4. Excellent climbing ability with powered Battery and high efficient motor
5. Environmentally friendly
6. Over-speed alert and speed control to protect drivers
7. 120KG Max Load and Adjustable height Rocking Bar made it can drive by everyone

Certification: CE,RoHS, FCC,MSDS (can apply new certificate if necessary)


What’s the theory of the off road segway work?
There is two uniaxle wheel in the self balanced electric chariot which is different from the biaxle 2 wheel scooter, for normally road regulations, this vehicle is so called Electric self balancing e scooter or electric self balanced dual wheel vehicle.People also describe it with the name so call Segway electric scooter.

The basic principle of the dynamic stability in the self balancing scooters is the secret why the transporter can balance itself when power on.The complicated and sensitive high tech Gyro system can calculate the right instructions to control the electricity to put into the motor to make it stop or keep stability and balancing.This is leading to the precision built-in solid gyroscope system and posture position judgement system.

The high frequency cpu is the key to master the system ,and our new ungraded calculate method (New edition software) is the best in the world.This is attributed to our strongorganization ability and creative research ability development team in the electric scooter industry.As the member of the research and development team with the top knowledge in this field,we may keep working and improving our design continuously.

When the drivers lean their body forward, the self balancing scooter will run forward and when the body is upright, it will stop. It uses the dynamic balance principle, as the body moves to change the center of gravity so as to keep balance. Just as the human body stands and leans forwards it can lose balance, but the body’s natural instinct will maintain balance, the dynamic stability replicates this.