Unfoldable self Balance Electric Scooter IP54 Waterproof


Unfoldable self Balance Electric Scooter  IP54 Waterproof

Product Name:


Best selling mini unfoldable Unicycle




Max Speed 15km/h
Range 18km
Slope 15°
Charging Voltage AC220V 50~60HZ
Charging time 90-120 Minutes
Battery Recharge battery
Size 593*230*215mm
Tire 200mm
N.W 11.66Kg
Tire Type Free inflatable solid wheel
BlueTooth Available
Remote Available
Pack bag Available
Samsung Lithium Available
Color YS Series color can choose


Product Structrue :


1. Tire Protecting cover


2. Foot Rest


3. Status indicator lamp


4. Driver


5. Power Switch


6. Charger socket


7. classis protecting cover


Scooter Introduction:


Drift car is a kind of new short-distance electric travel tool and entertainment and


body-buliding product integrating creativity,entertainment and intelligence.This product has


time hourglass shape ans is light and special.It is very practicable.The highly scientific


self-balancing tachnique makes you drive it immediately without learning.Just like a part of


your body,it bring 360° free drift and let freedom extend at will.You can drift as you wish at


airport,shops and leisure places or on the any flat road .


The operation of drift cars is very simple:when the center of body weight leans forwards,the


car will drive forwards;when the center of body weight keeps upright,the car will reduce the


speed till stop;when the center of body weight leans let,the car will turn lsft;when the center


body weight leans right,the car will turn right